Firearm and Self Defense Training and Tactics

Modern Martial Arts, M2A™

The Martial arts have been established and refined for hundreds of years. They are simply put, systems of practices and training for self-defense. While the various systems may be studied for various reasons, martial arts share a single objective: to physically defeat other persons and to defend oneself or others from physical threat.


Modern Martial Arts, M2A™, utilizes a system of practice and training for self-defense and competition different from all other martial arts training classes. Modern Martial Handgun Arts are based on the use and mastery of a handgun. It is old world proven training with a modern day weapon used for competition and self-preservation of life and the life of others.


M2A™ develops a rock solid foundation from which the mastery of handgun fundamentals leads to expert status with absolute confidence in the knowledge that if and when necessary, you will be able to defend your life and the life of others.



Train up to three times per week at a rate of 10% off the 3 month membership rate

3 Month Membership

Train up to three times per week at a rate of 20% off the hourly rate


Train as much as you want on an as available space bases at the low rate of $12.00 per class


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