Firearm and Self Defense Training and Tactics

Justin Caldwell

One on One

My father is a retired police officer and former sailor.  I grew up with him giving me the values and foundation I needed to be where I am today.  Growing up around police you learn at young age how messed up people can be.  I started FAST-Tactics to share knowledge I’ve gained through my father, his fellow officers, and my own personal experiences.

Self-Defense and Awareness training are crucial to surviving lifes most dangerous moments.  Thinking “It can’t happen to me” is not the right mind set.  Its a shame that we have to prepare ourselves for survival but in todays age we must.  There is a violent attack in the United States every 12 seconds.

I began shooting guns at the young age of 6 with my father.  Gun safety has been engrained in me since I began.

My formal self-defense training started at 7 when I started taking martial arts.

At the age of 18 I joined the United States Navy.  I earned Top Secret clearance and worked in one of their most delicate fields.

I helped open an indoor training facility Steel City Airsoft in 2009.  Thousands of people have used this facility.  We offer formal force on force training in this unique facility.  There is not another like it in PA.  It is used by Law Enforcement, Medical Teams, Anti-Piracy Teams, Private Security and for SWAT training.  I have thousands of hours or force on force training which is esential to responding to real life situations.

I began formal firearms training with the NRA in 2010.  I became a NRA certified instructor in 2011.

I started working with International Maratime Security Network in 2011.  IMSN is a security company that protect commericial and private ships from pirate attacks.  Early 2012 I became a certified instructor for IMSN.

I earned my NRA Law Enforcement Credentials in 2012.

I began my DOD instructor training in 2012 and earned all my certifications the first half of 2013.

I always plan to continue training.  I realize there is always more to learn.  I attend at least 300 hours of formal training per year.

Remember that “Chance favors the prepared individual” I will stay prepared and like to show others how to be prepared aswell.

NRA Law Enforcement Credentials:

Certified Instructor:



NRA Credentials:

Chief Range Safety Officer

Certified Instructor:

Range Safety Officer

Basic Pistol

Basic Rifle

Home Firearm Safety

Personal Protection Inside the Home

Personal Protection Outside the Home

Department of Defense Credentials

Certified Instructor:

US Navy Small Arms

US Navy Basic Watch Stander

US Navy Advance Watchman

US Marines OC (pepper spray)

US Marines Tactical Batton

US Marines Hand Cuffing

US Marines Basic Hand to Hand

US Navy Close Quarters Combat

International Maritime Security Network Credentials:

Certified Instructor:

Anti-Piracy Defense

Company and Vessel Security Officer

Small Arms Training

Team Tactics

DEF-TAC Training Credentials:

Certified Instructor:

Advanced Pistol

Back up Gun

Competition Pistol

Intermediate Pistol

Tactical Carbine

Tactical Shotgun

Non-Lethal Self Defense

Tactical Medical Training

Introduction to Tactical Medicine

Tactical Medicine for Shooters

Practical Tactical Medicine 1

Practical Tactical Medicine 3